lunes, febrero 19, 2018

Zcash: Separando la realidad de la ficción

He estado leyendo más y más información errada sobre Zcash en varios foros como Reddit, Githzub, Bitcointalk, etc. Alguna parte puede ser desinformada, pero...

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  • Selective Disclosure & Shielded Viewing Keys enero 22, 2018
    Encryption is an important tool to control access to personal and business data. In many cases where private data must be shared with select people such as a long distance family member or business associate, employing simple document encryption allows securely sharing private data in less private forms of communication …
    Paige Peterson
  • Introducing Our UX Guidelines for Wallet Developers enero 16, 2018
    We believe that improving the user experience for wallets will be a huge step in making cryptocurrencies more usable, as users need to interact with a wallet in order to store, send, and use any digital currency. We have compiled a checklist of good practices that can be applied to …
    Linda Lee
  • New Release: 1.0.14 enero 4, 2018
    Today we're announcing the release of Zcash 1.0.14, which contains new features, bug fixes, and documentation improvements. Notable changes Incoming viewing keys Support for incoming viewing keys, as described in the Zcash protocol spec, has been added to the wallet. Use the z_exportviewingkey RPC method to obtain the …
    Jack Grigg
  • A Look Back on 2017 diciembre 29, 2017
    2017 has been a year of many firsts for Zcash. Having launched only a couple months before the start of the year, the opportunities for growth and development were already flooding in. The foundations of a global Zcash ecosystem were being put into place by not only the Zcash Company …
    Paige Peterson