Zcash Development

Are you a Developer who would like to use Zcash in your application? Or perhaps you would like to follow how the team works and see what is next for Zcash?  The Zcash team is transparent as possible so anyone can watch the Development progress; plus all of the Code for Zcash is open source and freely available for you use, test, hack, and integrate with your application.

If you already use or accept Bitcoin then it is not difficult to also use Zcash since transparent T addresses are largely backwards compatible with Bitcoin. If you want to support private Z addresses there is reference wallet code for you to use.

Essential links for App Developers

Essential links for Shielded Wallet Developers 🛡️

For anyone who wants to follow the progress of the Zcash Development Team


A few development facts from Nathan Wilcox (Zcash Project Manager) :

  • ” Zcash has t-addresses and z-addresses. A t-address is functionally identical to a Bitcoin address. The main difference is the encoding has a ‘t’ prefix. Everything else is the same, including the cryptography and storing value in UTXOs.
  • The Zcashd RPC API is very similar to the Bitcoin Core RPC interface and is in fact based off a fork of Bitcoin Core 0.11.2. If you want to add Zcash support to a product or service that uses the Bitcoin core RPC interface, many cases will work out-of-the box.
  • A Zcash ‘transparent-only’ transaction is identical to a Bitcoin transaction except there is one extra empty null field. Signature schemes, opcodes, serialization formats are all otherwise identical.
  • If you need a product or service to support Zcash’s transparent-only transactions, and that product/service already supports Bitcoin transactions, check that this new Zcash field is empty when parsing transactions, and when serialization transactions simply set this field to null.
  • If you want to support Zcash shielded transactions, this is the part that requires more effort.

The Zcash Community Forum is also a great place to ask questions to the Zcash developers and community members.

Best of luck with your project!