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Zcash Community Update 7-16-2021

Hello Zcash community folks! Here’s your mid-July update. Miscellaneous: a bug was discovered (and fixed) in the iOS versions of Nighthawk and ECC Reference Wallet code, you...


#Zcash to Proof of Stake thread 👇


Zcashers: let’s donate to Coin Center! (@jerrybrito @NeerajKA @valkenburgh). They’re fighting the good fight, teaching Washington DC how not to make terrible laws with rampant unintended consequences. They accept BTC, ETH, and ZEC donations (at least). https://www.coincenter.org/donate/

Mark your calendar for Gardening Club tomorrow, August 3, at 17:00 UTC! We'll have an update on Zwallet from Hahn, as well as a high-level cryptography overview around ZIP-304 from one of its authors, @str4d.

#Zcash $ZEC

Zero-knowledge-enabled Cooperation

We hear from @Zooko of @zcash & @1HowardWu of @AleoHQ about Zero-Knowledge Proofs, cryptographic techniques that can be employed to bring provable privacy and scalability. With full seminar summary!


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