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Zcash Developers Update 4-30-2021

This week, many in the internet security/ researcher/ hacker community remember Daniel Kaminsky who passed away last Friday. He was an outspoken advocate for privacy and a...


Zcashers pay the best cryptographers in the world to work independently on the protocol, making it much more immune to "smothering", capturing, censoring than any other network ever in existance. The most hated feature of Zcash design is its ultimate superpower.

Edward Snowden on cryptocurrency privacy:

-"Taproot does not fix bitcoin's privacy problem."
-"Zcash really does the best in the space with their shielded transactions."
-"they [Monero] are just playing a shell game. Those shell games don't last forever."

Zcash 1-Day activity:
Price $354.78 +22.52%
3,380 social mentions +200.98%
18,050,096 social engagements +268.73%
136 avg hrly social contributors +189.36%
https://lunarcrush.com/api/link/p:_widgets_coin__detail-s:zec-m:social_volume-th:d-i:1d $zec #zcash @ZcashFoundation

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