Thursday, March 23, 2017

Zcash Weekly Developers Update 3-11-17

By Paige Peterson The beginning of the week saw the timely release of 1.0.7. There was a minor issue in how we executed the release...

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  • Zcash Foundation: nuevos guardianes del protocolo Zcash - CriptoNoticias March 22, 2017
    CriptoNoticiasZcash Foundation: nuevos guardianes del protocolo ZcashCriptoNoticiasZcash Co, la compañía que desarrolló criptomoneda completamente anónima Zcash, ha anunciado un cambio en el esquema de poder detrás del código de la moneda digital con la creación de la Zcash Foundation. Esta es una asociación “independiente, ...
  • Zcash vs Monero vs Dash - The Merkle March 21, 2017
    The MerkleZcash vs Monero vs DashThe MerkleAnonymous themed cryptocurrencies have become all the hype in recent months. Various projects are working towards achieving this goal moving forward, each one providing a unique implementations of untraceable transactions. Dash, Monero, and Zcash ...
  • Meeting with Zcash will be held in Moscow for the first time - newsBTC March 20, 2017
    newsBTCMeeting with Zcash will be held in Moscow for the first timenewsBTCBefore joining Zcash, Ariel Gabizon gained experience in research projects at The Hebrew University, Weizmann Institute of Science and Israel Institute of Technology. The focus of his interest is the connection between theories of computational ...
  • Zcash Launches Non-Profit Foundation to Advance Adoption - CoinDesk March 17, 2017
    CoinDeskZcash Launches Non-Profit Foundation to Advance AdoptionCoinDeskThe zcash project has unveiled a new non-profit foundation dedicated to the anonymous cryptocurrency's growth. The Zcash Foundation will now be endowed with 273,000 zcash, worth more than $13m at press time. As part of the network's rules, 10% of the ...

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  • Spinning Off Our Sibling Company March 20, 2017
    The Zcash company grew out of a company named “Least Authority”. It was when we were Least Authority that we did a security audit of Ethereum and several other successful security audits (CryptoCat, GlobalLeaks, SpiderOak, and Ooni). Least Authority also developed the advanced cryptographically-protected, decentralized file store, Tahoe-LAFS. When we …
    Zooko Wilcox
  • Announcing the Zcash Foundation March 17, 2017
    Our Mission is to give every person in the world economic freedom — to do for cooperation what the Internet did for communication. The organization we created to launch this project is a startup. This provides a tight-knit, focused team, rapid decision-making, and the possibility of generating additional funding, such as …
    Zooko Wilcox
  • Explaining SNARKs Part II: Blind Evaluation of Polynomials March 13, 2017
    Ariel Gabizon

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