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Zcash Developers Update 5-14-2021

Here are your weekly Zcash updates: ICYMI - the recording from the last Arborist call is up on Youtube. You can see all of the past...


Don't miss the latest ECC weekly recap, including:

+ Lots of love from the crypto community, with a report on NU5 from @beincrypto
+ A stellar primer on zk proofs from @packyM & @jillruthcarlson
+ Dev progress on the Zcash protocol
+ And much more...


Thesis: coin market caps encourage mimesis.

Google didn't *initially* compete with other companies *primarily* on its stock price but on its product.

Assets should likewise have unique features. Good example: Zcash's privacy sets & shielded transactions. https://electriccoin.co/zcash-metrics/


People on Crypto Twitter really underestimate the breadth and the conviction of the ZEC Fanatics (i.e. the “We Will Never Sell” Zodlers, including me). In some social circles it is "uncool" to admit that you love Zcash, but in fact, we are legion and we're never going to stop.

#Zcash Upcoming Upgrade First Step in Move Away From Trusted Setup via @beincrypto


Unified Addresses in #Zcash: This feature creates a single address that is compatible across all Zcash value pools — transparent and shielded. A new era for Zcash, shielded by default. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iin9hgJ34v0

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