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Zcash Developers Update 1-14-2022

Hello Zcashers, It’s the first update of 2022! Happy New Year to everyone in the Zcash community! Zcash updates ECC’s Transparency Report covering Q2 2021 is now...


🛡️ @ElectricCoinCo #Zcash is now available in Edge on iOS!

🚀 In November we launched fully shielded Zcash for Android, allowing users to send, receive, and swap $ZEC. Today we're proud to announce that you can now do the same on iOS!

🌐 Learn more: https://bit.ly/3AhYhwY

Privacy is a fundamental human right. Insinuating that the only people who could possibly want privacy are perverts who want to rape your children is some authoritarian bullshit and @Riana_Crypto is having none of it. https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20220118/11393948308/uk-has-voyeuristic-new-propaganda-campaign-against-encryption.shtml

PROLOGUE PART II: The Cypherpunk Movement is alive and well, if you know where to look.

The Internet has become a perilous place, but we can regain our freedom with tools like @zcash. https://twitter.com/ElectricCoinCo/status/1479107861481361408

ECC Is Hiring@ElectricCoinCo

PROLOGUE PART I: Every revolution has its spark. Will you rise to the occasion?

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