Monday, May 22, 2017

Zcash Developers Update 5-19-17

by Paige Peterson These updates are now categorized by working groups. Meta: We’re still in the process of getting more of the working groups kick started but...

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  • Getting Started Developing with Zcash May 11, 2017
    Over the short history of Zcash, we've seen a substantial growth in the ecosystem from wallets and exchanges to more experimental applications like zmsg. As the Zcash core development team continues to improve the underlying Zcash protocol, we encourage more developers to join the community! You can easily integrate Zcash …
    Paige Peterson
  • Explaining SNARKs Part VI: The Pinocchio Protocol May 10, 2017
    Ariel Gabizon
  • Release Cycle and Lifetimes May 1, 2017
    Starting in May the Zcash development effort will institute a new release policy. There are a few immediate take-aways for users: We'll release monthly on the third Tuesday, starting with 1.0.9 on May 16th. Each release starting with 1.0.9 will become deprecated 4 months after its …
    Nathan Wilcox

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