Zcash Development Update

Zcash Development Update

Hello Zcashers,

It’s the first update of 2022! Happy New Year to everyone in the Zcash community!

Zcash updates


  • Consolidated VMs on Google Cloud to achieve better utilization of services and cost optimizations
  • Software updates across older infrastructure to patch vulnerabilities
  • Released zcashd v4.6.0 and v4.6.0-1
  • Published version added for Debian 10 (buster)
  • Onboarding our newest team member, Yasser (Senior DevSecOps Engineer)


  • Released zcashd versions 4.6.0 and 4.6.0-1
    • Special shoutout to Nick  and the team at Luxor  for helping test a pre-release version of 4.6.0-1!
  • Merged the proposed Orchard mainnet circuit 
    • Change the Action circuit in response to auditor comments, and make some Orchard gadgets reusable
  • Merged release 0.3.0 of the pasta_curves crate
    • Primarily in support of Trezor development
  • TONs of Unified Address and wallet support work
    • Add unified addresses to the zcashd wallet – zcash#5395 
    • Make address serialization and Unified container parsing respect Typecode order – zcash#5450librustzcash#474
    • ZIPs 32 and 316: Refine how IVK components are derived, and other cleanups – zips#564
    • Make transparent signatures commit to all input amounts and scripts – librustzcash#472
    • ZIP 244: Changes to transparent component of signature digest – zips#577
    • Add test vectors for ZIPs 143, 243, 244, and 316 – zcash-test-vectors#68
    • Update test vectors for ZIP 244 changes – zcash-test-vectors#61
    • Use the transaction builder to implement z_sendmany – zcash#5458 


  • SDK:
    • Rust-less build for iOS – (in progress)
      • We had contractor downtime so this didn’t move much
  • Secant iOS Wallet
    • Recovery Phrase Display + Validation
      • integration w/ mock phrase
      • Accessibility Fixes
      • [FB9826116] Found bug in SwiftUI, created reproducing PoC, sent it to Apple :’-)
    • Welcome Screen
  • MnemonicSwift Library
    • Licensing fixes (Kudos: Daira and Str4d)
    • Bitrise CI integration For Swift Package Manager (Lower build time!)
  • Secant Android Scaffolding
    • Home
    • Profile
    • Wallet Details
  • Github Actions (in-progress)
  • Deployment Credentials
    • SDK Releases
    • App Builds Testing
    • (and doing so securely)

In the news, FTX has launched a $2 billion venture fund. The U.S. Congress will hold a hearing to explore the environmental impacts of crypto mining. Could the Solana blockchain become the Visa of the digital asset ecosystem?

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