Zcash Developers Update 10-22-2021

Zcash Developers Update 10-22-2021

Hello Zcashers,

Welcome back to the Friday Community Update! Here’s the freshest batch of updates from the land of ECC:

Zcash updates

  • ECC has welcomed Beth Patterson as our new Head of Strategic Alliances!
  • ECC released the latest Transparency Report , covering Q4 2020 and Q1 2021.
  • This post  on the ECC blog outlines poll results from a recent non-binding, coin-weighted ZEC-holder poll.
  • New Release 4.5.1-1  is a required update for all testnet nodes and is highly recommended for some mainnet nodes.
  • As part of ECC’s third planning term of 2021, we outlined a multi-year “North Star,”  including plans across departments for the next four-month term. The focus? To deliver a world-class user experience for ZEC.
  • ECC has begun surveying visitors  to z.cash and electriccoin.co  websites as part of a new product strategy that focuses on user feedback and market research…
  • Digital currency asset manager Grayscale announced that trading has commenced for Grayscale Zcash Trust.
  • ECC is looking to hire a stellar Head of Product Marketing. Learn more  about it and all of our career opportunities on our website.



  • Released Zcashd versions 4.5.1 and 4.5.1-1 
    • 4.5.1 included two Testnet Orchard circuit changes and fixed a regression in the getbalance RPC method
    • 4.5.1-1 added v5 transactions to standard rules and added a listaddresses RPC to replace the getaddressesbyaccount RPC
  • ZIPs 32 and 316 were updated to handle HD viewing key derivation
  • ZIP 239 was updated to clarify the intended behaviour for unrecognized inventory types
  • Made progress on the necessary refactors to prepare for recursion in Halo 2
  • Made great progress on converting the Zcashd wallet to derive all new addresses from mnemonic seed
  • The major lemma for the Halo 2 security proof is almost done
  • Updated the protocol specification to reflect the Orchard circuit changes made in Zcashd 4.5.1


  • Android SDK:
    • Gradle plugin updates and improvements
  • Secant Wallet
    • Kotlin Multiplatform + JetPack Compose Research Spike
      • Could allow us target Desktop and Web with (mostly) the same codebase
      • Bootstrap of the project’s environment In progress
  • iOS SDK:
    • Rust-Less Builds Research Spike concluded.
      • Will Help SDK users to speed up their build jobs by 2 to 5 minutes
    • Swift Package Manager Research Spike Concluded
      • Depends on Rust-Less builds (which partners seem happy about)
  • Secant Wallet iOS
  • UX / UI Design
    • Design Guidelines v1 Completed
    • Design Guidelines (in progress)
    • Feedback loop on UI-Components for iOS
    • Home screen guidelines and Lottie animations (In progress)

In the news, Time Magazine explores conversations  about liberation and money in the Black Bitcoin community. The Department of Justice announced plans to launch a crypto enforcement team. Ashkan Soltani, former chief technologist for the U.S. FTC, was named executive director  of California Privacy Protection Agency.

Bon week-end!

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