Zcash Community Update 7-16-2021

Zcash Community Update 7-16-2021

Hello Zcash community folks! Here’s your mid-July update.

Miscellaneous: a bug was discovered (and fixed) in the iOS versions of Nighthawk and ECC Reference Wallet code, you can check out the ZOMG whitepaper published last month, autoshielding is live on Android with NightHawk, and Flexa is partnering with InComm Payments to widen the scope of retailers accepting Zcash payments via Flexa.

Work full-time in the Zcash ecosystem

We’re hiring here at ECC. Check out our open roles and apply on our careers page. The Zcash Foundation is also hiring!


  • Working on interviewing candidates for open positions
  • Updated infrastructure components



  • Shipped autoshielding for testnet and mainnet on iOS
  • Continuing to collaborate with Unstoppable to enable z->t
  • Facilitated Nighthawk shipping significant Android and iOS updates
  • Executed the “Responsible Disclosure” process in support of iOS bug

In the news: the US Presidential Advisory Group is chatting stablecoins, tensions are high in Cuba and some residents are turning to cryptocurrencies, and is crypto chatter quieting down at everyone’s family dinner tables?

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