Growing the Zcash Community


I am excited to announce the development of two new projects for the Zcash community! if you have been following the Zcash project for some time like I have you will probably already know that one of the foundational beliefs of the Zcash project has been decentralization.

The theme of decentralization is not only important for the network of nodes across the world that are running and securing the Zcash network but also important to the Zcash Community as a whole in case something were to happen to the Zcash Company itself the ecosystem could continue to grow and thrive without it.


The first big project is a brand new chat site for all Zcash users to have open dialog with the Zcash Development Team and other Zcash users at . This new Chat is similar to the Zcash community Slack channel but it is run on the open source software . This rocket chat will soon replace the expensive and proprietary zcash community Slack. The Developers are already there , where are you?!



The second big project is a brand new community forum at This forum will also help to serve the community by providing a resource for users to post questions and content about Zcash. It is NO LONGER JUST A FORUM!, I will be posting more information in the coming weeks.

I have been a big supporter of Zcash and the Zcash promise of empowering each individual to be able to control their own privacy as they see fit and I am honored to be able to help the robust and thriving community continue to grow.

I encourage all Zcash users, whether you are a Software Developer, a Fork of Zcash, a User trying to get help Installing Zcash, or just looking to set up some Hardware for Mining, please stop by and join in the conversations!