Zcash Development Update

Zcash Development Update

Hello Zcashers,

Happy Friday! Here’s the latest roundup from the land of ZEC.

Zcash updates


  • Continued cleanup on cloud service platforms to achieve cost optimizations and resource efficiencies
  • Improved coordination and communication on recruitment process
  • Architecture review and high-level planning for infrastructure updates (CI/CD tooling upgrade, monitoring and alerting platform refresh)
  • Addressed tactical solution for Tekton log retainment
  • Initial group review for IT Service Management platform


  • Resolved remaining specification issues for ZIPs 32316, and 244.
    • Made the corresponding updates to test vectors and implementations.
  • Implemented several new zcashd RPC methods supporting Unified Addresses (z_listunifiedreceivers, z_getaddressforaccount, z_getnewaccount, z_getbalanceforaccount, z_getbalanceforaddress)
  • Preparations for supporting UAs in other RPC methods.
  • Switch to using the Rust transaction builder in zcashd.
  • Disable Sprout address generation in the Zcashd wallet from Canopy activation height.
  • Added full validation for UAs and UFVKs on parsing.
  • Actively working with Mary Maller on the Halo 2 security proof, hopeful we can wrap that up in the upcoming sprint.


  • SDK:
    • Rust-less build for iOS – (for review)
    • Fresh checkpoints
    • User (developer) Stories document
    • New APIs design (in progress)
    • Fixed some Android SDK concurrency problems
  • Secant iOS Wallet
    • Profile Screen (in progress)
  • Master “user stories” document!
    • This is super useful for checking against designs and builds.
  • Design focus on
    • wallet history
    • transaction details
  • Tracking document / 10k view

In the news, it’s Data Privacy Week. As the Taliban continues to control Afghanistan, some organizations are sending cryptocurrency as emergency aid to civilians suffering. Amid turmoil surrounding the Turkish lira, many Turks are turning to cryptocurrency. Officials in Kazakhstan are clamping down on the crypto industry. And a new web3 community called BFF  aims to welcome women and nonbinary people into the crypto space…and maybe even Goop it up a bit.

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