Welcome To The Community!

Welcome To The Community!
Welcome to the new Zcashcommunity.com! This site is a culmination of all the Zcash information that I could find that is spread across so many different websites relating to Zcash and the Zcash Eco-System. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for a new user or a seasoned crypto-currency veteran to find the resources they need so everyone can learn, understand and start using Zcash. It has been almost a year since I first discovered Zcash and its’ vibrant community. I have never really been heavily involved in crypto-currencies besides buying a trading a few Bitcoins now and then. Once I heard about Zcash and the people behind it, I was hooked. I actually taught myself to use Linux for the first time just so I could join the Zcash Testnet! After joining the Zcash forums, I discovered many great people that helped me get started. Later I made the site minezcash.com to keep the community up to date with the latest news about Zcash and posted one of the very first beginners tutorials about how to start mining Zcash. I run mineZcash.com, the Zcash Community Rocket.chat and now this site in my own free time to continue to help grow the Zcash community. I have imported all of the old news articles from mineZcash.com to this site and will be keeping the old site online but it will become an archive so that I can focus my time on this site. Take a look around this site and you will find:
  • Live Zcash Market Data
  • Live Zcash Network Data
  • Most Recent Zcash Google News
  • Most Recent Zcash Blog Posts
  • Zcash Technology Information, Links, Videos and History
  • Mining Zcash Tutorials, Links, Hardware, Software and Pools
  • Information for Developers who want to use Zcash
  • Markets and Platforms where you can buy and trade Zcash
  • Wallets so you can spend and store your Zcash
I will also continue to bring you important information via this Blog and (if I can talk the Zcash Developers into it) guest bloggers to keep you up-to-date with Zcash. Despite what some of the pundit’s may say I believe that Zcash still has a very bright future ahead. Zcash has already become the Gold Standard in privacy among all other crypto-curencies and with continued adoption, the sky is the limit for how far it can go. Also, I intend to keep this site AD free, they’re ugly and nobody likes AD’s anyway. If you would like to help support my work you can donate. I hope you find this site useful. If you find anything incorrect, missing, or broken please drop me an email and let me know. I wish you best of luck with all your Zcash endeavors! -Gibson Ashpool
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