United States


Meet your US Zcash Ambassadors!

Eric who runs the website “Pay with Zcash” , Ziga who runs “Zeme Team” and BostonZcash who holds Zcash meetups in the Boston area. All three are passionate about Zcash and your rights to privacy. They are all active on twitter and other social media outlets, be sure to reach out and say Hi!



Hello I’m Eric and I run PayWithZcash

Donations: zs1sj80906cpglp9kf3anwc3lexf0sq8w5pyqav76yh5t3jgfe3vc2mrn0rhtqsara7v6xtu5e0q3w


Zeme Team

People call me Ziga (pronounced Zee·ga). I’m here to help spread the word of Zcash to the masses. I run zeme.team and @DocumentingZEC on Twitter.

Donations: zs1juur920fa5zlstg2jxjl3sgnjw2sfza4jtaukp5w9xh3yzw4tdnnuquup5mvkjs8kchwugndr3h



Donations: zs10gramvrln7tzdeknj85m00gwyhhdjefxhjh50xctnrmu6r80ka0qvqcszf6j90akn009yrdlems