Zcash Beta2 Testnet Release

Zcash Beta2 Testnet Release
Last night the Zcash team released an update to the Testnet: Beta2. This new update has a number of improvements including patching the Bitcoin core code with Denial of Service patches and adding a safety feature that will allow Zcash to send a High-Priority Alert to all nodes putting them into RPC safe mode in the case of a problem with the network. These improvements along with Wallet and Network connectivity fixes show how close the Zcash developers are to the Genesis Block, which is now just 23 days away! You will need to re-download and re-compile Zcash to connect to the new Testnet server and like most other Testnet updates; all previous Test Coins have been invalidated.  Zcash blog post:

Jack Grigg and Simon Liu | Oct 04, 2016

Today, we deployed the second beta release of the Zcash reference implementation, 1.0.0-beta2, to the testnet. This is the second release of the Zcash Beta Series. The new release includes the following changes [1]:
  1. We have changed the address prefixes. (#1477)
  2. Encrypting your wallet with a passphrase now also encrypts the spending key for zaddrs. (#1372)
  3. Founders’ Reward addresses will now rotate monthly. (#1398)
  4. We have re-enabled disabled compiler warnings and updated all dependencies, including Boost and OpenSSL. (#1429)
  5. We have merged in upstream patches to mitigate the risk of DoS attacks. (#1411,#1407)
  6. We have deployed a dnsseed to improve launching and connecting to the network. (#1443)
  7. The RPC call getbalance now returns a correct balance for UTXOs. (#1427)
  8. High-priority alerts now put the RPC into safe mode. (#1374)
  9. We have updated the public parameters. (#1476)
This release also makes reliability improvements in the wallet, however some work remains to be done around importing keys and rescanning after restarts. If you are encountering problems with the wallet, stop your node and restart it with the -reindex flag (Example: ./src/zcashd -reindex). Zcash Blog
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