Zcash Developers Update 6-16-17


By Paige Peterson

This week I’m opting for a shorter and simpler format for the dev update compared to recent updates which were categorized by working groups. This is due to some internal shifting + adjusting roles within the company, employees taking much needed time off and focus on the upcoming release.

Most of this week has seen a lot of engineering stabilization and maintenance work. Our focus has been on ticket triaging and review for next week’s 1.0.10 release. We’ve addressed a number of issues so far including an information leak in chained joinsplits (PR 2440), a non-critical mis-application of consensus code from upstream resulting in a local bug(PR 2386) and a couple of documentation updates (PR 2429 & #2421).

We’ve finished up the proof of concept for the first iteration of payment offloading. After testing and review for the implementation and further security + stabilization work for the network, we’ll release this as an experimental feature.

We progressed more on design discussions and development for the XCAT implementation with Zcash and Bitcoin (ZBXCAT).

Some final touches are being done on a Japanese translation for https://z.cash which will most likely go live next week.

We progressed in our initial UX research of the Zcash ecosystem. We’ll be concluding this project next week and publishing reports soon thereafter.

More work on organizing the Sapling upgrade took place this week and you can expect an update on the goals for Sapling via a blog post next week.

Be sure to look out for next week’s release!