Zcash Developers Update 2-23-18


By Paige Peterson

1.0.15, 1.1.0 & Overwinter
So as you probably noticed, we’ve further delayed the release of 1.0.15. New target is Monday, February 26th. We needed some extra time fixing up Overwinter related PRs before the RC. You can see the remaining PRs to be merged for 1.0.15 here.

It seemed there is a bit of confusion regarding 1.0.15 release vs 1.1.0 release vs Overwinter activation. To be clear: 1.0.15 implements Overwinter code and sets activation block height on testnet (currently planned for mid-March) and if all testing goes well during this period then 1.1.0 sets the activation block height in mainnet (currently planned for June 25th 2018). The Overwinter activation date is the key date to remember which is why we’ve created an Overwinter information portal with a countdown to activation.

We’ve included a new section of the FAQ on network upgrades and made some updates to the network upgrade guide for developers.

Miscellaneous: Hires & Audits
The new engineering hires have been diving into various on-boarding tasks this week (including setting up an office in Denver) and starting to pick up some tasks like doing reproducible gitian builds of the client. As with previous hires, we’ll announce everyone in a blog post and add them to our team page soon! We’re also at the final stages of hiring marketing support.

Most of the security audits we’ve contracted have started. We’ll elaborate on the companies and scope of each audit in an upcoming blog post.