Zcash Developers Update 6-29-18


By Paige Peterson

This is our fortnightly community and communications update, for the latest update on the engineering front, check out last week’s update.

From the blog…

Just after the last Community and Comms update on June 15th, we made public our decision to delay the Sapling activation by one more release cycle. The post states: “Given the scope and significance of Sapling, we believe additional testing time is needed for all parties to ensure its safe activation. We have decided to insert a new release 1.1.2 to the schedule…”

On June 22nd we posted a response to the recent recommendation by the Secret Service.

This past Monday June 26th, we wrote about the successful activation of Overwinter which happened at block 347500. A related note on that is that several services were not ready for the network upgrade regardless of our attempts to market and do outreach for Overwinter. and some of them still may not be ready. We’ve been helping as many third-parties get up to speed this week but feel free to leave a comment in this thread if you notice any remaining Zcash services which look broken since Monday.

On the same day, we also posted the Zcash Company proposed roadmap.


Last week we presented a deep dive workshop for developers in London and participating at the Fintank monthly blockchain/crypto meetup in Chicago.

This week was Zcon0 hosted by the Zcash Foundation. It was absolutely amazing and it was so awesome to meet many of the community in person in Montreal. All of the presentations were livestreamed and those saved streams will be replaced with higher resolution videos over time. You can check out the entire playlist of talks on the Zcash Foundation Youtube.

In addition to the formal presentations, there were breakout discussions which allowed attendees in the conference to participate in discussions surrounding various topics. Those ended with a summary of each discussion which were livestreamed (and are included in the Youtube playlist).

Finally, as part of the last day of Zcon0, the Foundation announced the results of the community ballot, including new board members.

Next week, we’re participating in BIP 007 in Odessa, Ukraine.

That’s all for this week!