Zcash Developers Update 4-19-19

Zcash Developers Update 4-19-19

by Elise Hamdon

This is our fortnightly community and communications update; last week’s engineering update is available here.

Electric Coin Company (ECC) has decided to cancel our plans to implement the feature of Splitting the Founder’s Reward (FR) in the NU2 Blossom upgrade. Ultimately we’ve decided the opportunity costs for shipping Split-FR outweigh the benefits. Also, we believe we can achieve some of the benefits through other means. Learn more by reading through yesterday’s forum post.

From the Blog

This week the blog featured how Zcash Empowers Charitable Giving, allowing charitable causes to stay focused on their mission and private donors to remain the quiet heroes who support causes in which they believe. Take a look at the list of causes that accept Zcash!

The latest installment in our “People Behind Zcash Technology” featured engineer Jack Grigg (aka str4d). Read this inspiring interview that details his early beginnings and why he is committed to Zcash. Jack’s collaborative spirit is evident as he describes how he sees his current role in the larger open source ecosystem. “I’ve obviously upskilled significantly on cryptographic engineering and protocol design, as in I feel I can reasonably contribute to them now. One of the things it’s helped me to do is take these skills back to other open source projects, like I2P, to help with their protocol design. I’m passionate about helping people upskill so they know where the pitfalls are, and particularly so they know when to consult a cryptographer.”


On April 23rd at Jalisco Talent Land 2019, Brad Miller, Developer Relations Manager, is keynoting, “The Pursuit of Economic Freedom: An Introduction to Zcash.”

Zcon1 will take place in Split, Croatia, from June 22 – 24. The preliminary #Zcon1 speaker list and agenda is now available here. Apply to be invited by filling out the form below, or read about the event. Hope to see you there!


Watch Zooko’s deep dive presentation from his recent trip to Seoul, Korea. The event was hosted by KryptoSeoul at Korbit Lounge.

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