Zcash Developers Update 5-3-19

Zcash Developers Update 5-3-19

By Elise Hamdon

This is our fortnightly community and communications update; last week’s engineering update is available here.

As part of our commitment to continued improvement at ECC and the Foundation, we’ve agreed on proposing some changes to the process ZIP (ZIP0) and making some clarifications about the Network Upgrade Pipeline. These proposals and clarifications are to ensure fuller and more effective community engagement around network upgrade changes in the future. The changes and clarifications are outlined in this forum post.

As previously announced, the new ZIP management process includes a member from both the Zcash Foundation and Electric Coin Company. Read the full process in ZIP 0. With this new editor structure, we began a fortnightly meeting to stay synced across organizations.The goal of these meetings is generally review the status of Draft ZIPs for merging, outstanding issues and ToDos. We invite you to review the agenda and discussion items, updated on this Google doc.

Note: Zcashd 2.0.5 is planned for release next week which introduces a Sprout-to-Sapling migration tool and new consensus rule to prohibit a negative shielded value pool as described our blog. Stay tuned!


Sean Bowe, Zcash Engineer, presented “Sonic: zkSNARKs from Linear Size Universal and Updatable SRS” at the 2nd ZKProof Workshop. Watch the preso in its entirety!

Zcash Engineer, Daira Hopwood, presented hir work on circuit writings and optimisations at the Zero Knowledge #London meetup on May 1st event titled, “ZK-LDN 0x01: zk-SNARKs – How to Develop and Use Them in Practice.”

The Reference Wallet Team hosted a Twitter Q&A earlier this week. They fielded questions from the community in a series of threads. Take a look back at their responses via #ZcashRefWalletQA and hey, post a follow-up question. The team would love to connect with you!

On May 9th, join Global Coin Research and Messari for a joint conference call with Josh Swihart, VP of Marketing and Business Development. Free access to the first 20 people who join the call via this link!


Watch this great Ripio interview featuring Brad Miller, ECC Developer Relations Manager.

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