Zcash Developers Update 7-27-19

Zcash Developers Update 7-27-19

By Chris A.

This is the fortnightly community and communications update from Electric Coin Co. (only one day late!). Last week’s engineering update is available here.

Crypto Community Project
Electric Coin Co. is incredibly proud to be a part of the Crypto Community Project, Aug. 1-2 at the BXL Business Incubator in the South Bronx, NY. The school’s goal is to increase crypto-awareness and adoption in underserved communities, and it’s led by Carlos Acevedo, who was featured in this Washington Post article last year. ECC has provided funding for the school, recruited speakers from amongst crypto-industry leaders and has come alongside Acevedo to help drive the curriculum. We’ll continue to be engaged in this initiative, and stay tuned for a call to action.

ECC is hiring!
We’re all in on ZEC , and that means we’re growing our world-class team. We’re hiring across product, engineering, marketing, DevOps and business development. Open positions are listed here , and more will be added in the coming days, weeks and months. If you don’t see a perfect fit for you just yet, please be sure to check back.

Committing to 10 billion
In the year 2050, ZEC will have to be accessible and usable for 10 billion people across the world. That’s what empowering everyone demands, so we’re re-upping our commitment to scalability and privacy. Read about it on the ECC blog, and/or watch ECC CTO Nathan Wilcox deliver his Zcon1 keynote about this topic.

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