Zcash Developers Update 10-18-19

Zcash Developers Update 10-18-19

By Elena Giralt

Welcome to this week’s ECC update.

Thanks for all the feedback in the forum. We hear you and I’m working on ways to engage this community more regularly. Stay tuned for more.

  • ECC Live Stream has been postponed. There was a conflict with the rescheduled date Monday, October 28. A new date for the Live Stream will be decided soon.
  • Yesterday, our friends at Least Authority hosted a Mathematics behind zkSNARKS workshop. You can catch a recording of the event here.
  • New team member alert! Andre Serrano will be joining the team as a Business Development manager. His first day is next Monday, 10/21. Welcome Andre!
  • Daira and Str4d will give two talks at an upcoming ZKProof Community Event in Amsterdam (10/28 – 10/29). Str4d’s talk will be on Halo itself, and Daira’s will be an update of hir scaling proposal.
  • The next DevFund Protocol Hangout is 11/6. The discussion will be hosted by Sonya and you can sign up here.
  • The Crypto Community Project is an educational initiative based in the South Bronx. The next workshop is on November 7 and 8th. You can learn more about the project and read the student profiles here.
  • Binance US announced this week that they will list Algorand and Zcash. Read more here.
  • Zecwallet-CLI v1.0 is here! Shout out to @adityapk00 for all your hard work!

Every other week, we alternate Engineering updates with community updates. Engineering updates are fairly straight-forward because they line up with team sprints. For community updates, let me know if you have any ideas/suggestions on how I can organize the content and what type of information is interesting and relevant. I toyed with the idea of ECC Teams sections like Growth, Product, Leadership, etc… but it didn’t seem to reflect outside community enough. I like the idea of showcasing groups and meetups like ZcashLA.

Another thought is to use this space to pose a weekly discussion question around different aspects of “privacy” outside the context of Zcash. What other community updates would you like to see more of?

Thanks for your feedback and have a great weekend y’all!

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