Zcash Developers Update 12-13-19

Zcash Developers Update 12-13-19

By Elena Giralt

It’s freaky Friday y’all. December 13th means we have less than 3 weeks left in 2019. I’m writing from LaBitConf in Uruguay. It’s been an interesting few days meeting with and learning more about the crypto communities in Latin America. I even met a few ZEC miners!

This week in privacy, The Guardian covered in depth the benefits of privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo. If you’re following regulations around the world, you’re probably aware of the CCPA (CA Consumer Privacy Act) countdown in California, but don’t fall asleep on Data Privacy in India. The Economist published an excerpt from None of Your Damn Business: Privacy in the US from the Gilded Age to the Digital Age by Lawrence Cappello.

“Surveillance doesn’t just target specific information; it usually captures much more information than was originally sought. If watched long enough, any person may be caught in some form of illegal or immoral activity that can be used against him or her.”

Here are the latest updates from ECC:

  • Stay tuned for Dev Fund next steps. Matt Luongo’s proposal and Zcash Foundation’s modified ZIP 1012 are the latest updates in the Dev Fund discussion. ECC is
  • ECC published the 2019 Q4 Transparency Report.
  • Congrats to the team on a successful Blossom activation! We are aware of some wallet issues, software updates should resolve the issue.
  • Zcash Foundation grants are back and better than ever. Follow the link to learn about improvements to the process and guidelines for proposals. More foundation updates can be found in their latest newsletter.
  • DevInfra Update – We are nearing the final stages of completing the Python3 migration throughout our entire infrastructure. Minor issues noticed on zfaucet, zcash mainnet explorer, and zcash testnet explorer are being fixed. Those updates should be rolling out soon. The next phase of development will take much of our existing Docker and Kuberenetes work over the finish line, to provide useful tools for internal/external developers.
  • Wallet Update – We now have the iOS SDK sending and receiving funds on mainnet. Progress on the lightwalletd library is proceeding. We are expecting to have the primary change introduced by AdityaPK00 pulled back into the master branch with full internal security review within the next few weeks. We are conducting design experiments which will yield recommendations for developers on how to handle user experience of Zcash wallet specific features. We are focusing on items like displaying syncing progress of compact blocks, handling change from shielded transactions, and conveying shielded vs unshielded amounts.
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