Zcash Developers Update 6-19-2020

Zcash Developers Update 6-19-2020

Happy Juneteenth y’all. Here are the updates from this week:

Mark your calendars,

  • Thur, 6/25 at 17:00 UTC, Daira will be doing a ZK Study Club on Halo. Daira will focus on “Halo Optimizations and Constructing Graphs of Elliptic Curves.” Add to your calendar.
  • Tues, 6/30, Zeal Call: We’re spotlighting hackathon submissions and Presidio Principles with special guest Sheila Warren from the World Economic Forum. More info hereRegister here.
  • Thur, 7/7, inaugural Arborist call, registration link coming soon.
  • Tues, 7/2, July Gardening club, register here.

Community Shout Outs – Shout out to Nightwallet, agnelvishal, rejojelestine, domnicamalan, and joshuayabut for submitting projects to the hackathon. Keep up the great work!

Documentation updates

  • New: Memo field doc
  • Updates
    • Zcashd API docs
    • Wallet backup instructions
    • Zcash conf guide
    • Troubleshooting guide
    • Tor support
  • Testing instructions on documentation–95% finished

DevInfra updates

Core updates

  • NU4 specification audit completed, no major issues identified
    • Minor ZIP and spec verbiage suggestions primarily, which are being incorporated
  • Made significant progress on NU4 ZIP implementations
  • TZE branch for BOLT Labs is now complete
    • Being tested by dev-inf with Testnet-in-a-Box!
  • Made good progress on Rust refactorings

Security updates

  • Fuzzing challenge opened and extended
  • NU4 design external security assessment complete
  • NU3 implementation external security assessment blog up
    • Wrote post, analyzed bugs
  • Begun the process of digging out and re-analyzing old bugs in zcash/zcash
    • Closed some, some labelled fix_next and some labelled fix_someday
  • Mobile wallet security assessment and threat model blog post gone up

Wallet updates

  • Android and iOS Wallets are open-source and people are already forking the code to launch their own apps. Hurray!
  • Hackathon activities
    • Hosting office hours and code walk-thrus for developers
    • Working on a hackathon project to allow groups to save money together
    • Experimenting with view keys directly in the design for the saving pools, memo field as the “communication protocol” of the savings circle, modified and simplified version of a “liberated payments” style technology.

This week in privacy, NYC becomes the 14th city in the US to adopt a police surveillance transparency law. Zoom will offer E2E encryption to all users after mounting public pressure. Be mindful of browser extensions or add-ons. Researchers recently discovered a massive spyware effort through Google’s Chrome store. China is building a massive DNA database, Thermo Fisher an American company is supplying the kits. Wired reports that dating apps exposed 845 GB of sensitive data, here’s the kicker: “This was not a hack; it was sloppily stored data.”

In crypto news, ECC’s Sean Bowe gets a shoutout in a recent Coindesk article discussing Zcash privacy tech in Eth 2.0. Indian government considers a bill to ban cryptocurrencies . I just discovered the Formal Verification newsletter, they did a deep-dive on Zcash a few months ago which is worth a read. That’s all for now. Have a great weekend y’all!

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