Zcash Developers Update 7-17-2020

Zcash Developers Update 7-17-2020

Here are the updates from this week:

Mark your calendars,

  • Tues, 7/28 – Zeal call, details TBD
  • Wed, 7/29 – Moneytalks, hosted by Blockchain Association and Coinbase, Financial Inclusion: It’s Not All About the Benjamins, Andre is speaking, register here.

Documentation updates

  • Prioritized list of high-impact, low-lift video ideas.
  • Plan of reducing clutter/decision fatigue on readthedocs.
  • Started work on optimizing the readthedocs landing page for impact.

DevInfra updates

  • Testing for RC1 and RC2.
  • Testnet-in-a-box is now in hackworks. Undergoing development iterations.
  • Tracking coinbase statistics.
  • Heartwood activation visibility in Grafana.

Core updates

Security updates

  • Downloads security – Extended falco ruleset & tuning caching (now starting to reach saturation) & firewalling
  • Canopy implementation assessment booked (starts week of 27th July)

Wallet updates

  • Concluded the Protect Privacy Hackathon
    • Paid bounties to 5 main projects and 8 contributions to our repos
    • Entries ranged from one line bug fixes to complete working demos of projects
  • iOS: Added MixPanel integration, crash logging, send feedback, UI bug fixes post Heartwood activation
  • Android: SDK published to bintray, merge bug fixes from hackathon, engaged with nighthawk team
  • General Research: t-address implementation, localization, and minimum requirements.

Community Shout Outs – Shout out to 20Birds for posting “How to go from ETH to shielded ZEC”.

This week in crypto news, Zcash was named among the Coindesk 20. Zcash got a shoutout from Tyler Winklevoss. EFF now accepts donations in shielded Zcash. Elliptic shares insights from the twitter hack earlier this week. Airdrop Venezuela, a campaign from AirTM, shares insights on how crypto is really used in Venezuela. ZDA member, BoltLabs, launches zkChannels, a private payment solution, on Tezos. If you don’t read ZKMesh, YOU SHOULD. That’s it for this week.

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