Hello World

Z-Logo Archived Article  Hello World, this is the first post of the new mineZcash.com! As you may already know Zcash is an exciting new cryptocurrency that features totally anonymous transactions on a network that will be as decentralized as possible. The goal of this website is for everyone to learn about Zcash and help the average user get started mining Zcash as quickly and painlessly as possible. For now this post is a place holder and a self-reminder while I work on building content for you. I plan to have many areas to learn more about Zcash and Mining such as:
  • A History of Zcash including who created Zcash
  • How Zcash works and why we need it
  • How Zcash compares to other crypto-currencies
  • How to start mining Zcash tutorials including Linux basics since 1.0 will be Linux only
  • Zcash mining Hardware set ups, and maybe even hardware reviews
While under construction you may see things broken, incomplete, etc…so please pardon my dust while I build this site and shift things around. Thanks for stopping by. Questions? Contact: feedback@minezcash.com
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