Zcash BETA 1.0 Release

Zcash BETA 1.0 Release
I’m excited to announce that Zcash has finally made the transition from Alpha to Beta with the release of Beta 1.0 on the Testnet today! The Testnet has been in a Alpha for months tweaking and debugging the code. Now with the first Beta release marks the first time Zcash has a functional wallet with more RPC commands for seeing, sending and receiving both Transparent and Protected coins in the wallet. Zcash Beta builds upon the basic Bitcoin RPC commands with new calls unique to Zcash. Zcash payments make use of two address formats:
  • taddr – an address for transparent funds (just like a Bitcoin address, value stored in UTXOs)
  • zaddr – an address for private funds (value stored in objects called notes)
When transferring funds from one taddr to another taddr, you can use either the existing Bitcoin RPC calls or the new Zcash RPC calls. When a transfer involves zaddrs, you must use the new Zcash RPC calls. List of new calls in the new Zcash Payment API: RPC calls by category:
  • Accounting: z_getbalance, z_gettotalbalance
  • Addresses : z_getnewaddress, z_listaddresses
  • Keys : z_exportkey, z_importkey, z_exportwallet, z_importwallet
  • Operation: z_getoperationresult, z_getoperationstatus, z_listoperationids
  • Payment : z_listreceivedbyaddress, z_sendmany
RPC parameter conventions:
  • taddr : Transparent address
  • zaddr : Private address
  • address : Accepts both private and transparent addresses.
  • amount : JSON format double-precision number with 1 ZC expressed as 1.00000000.
  • memo : Metadata expressed in hexadecimal format. Limited to 512 bytes, the current size of the memo field of a private transaction. Zero padding is automatic.
You will need to download the new Beta and re-compile to connect to the new Testnet.  I have updated my tutorial with the latest code You can find the new Public Beta Guide here I will be adding new tutorials soon to show how to use these new commands for sending and receiving Zcash.
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