Zcash Developers Update 12-14-18

Zcash Developers Update 12-14-18

By Elise Hamdon

This is our fortnightly community and communications update; last week was the “fun week” edition  of the engineering update.

Sapling Cryptography Validation Resources were posted to the Forum including some background on the Sapling Multi-Party Computation (MPC) process and validating the Sapling MPC protocol.

Coinbase announced support for Zcash at Coinbase.com and in the Coinbase Android and iOS apps.

From the blog

The Zcash Network Upgrade Pipeline  article focused on the process we’re using to safely ship new protocol upgrades in Zcash. The primary goals are to ship safely—with plenty of time for ecosystem partner integration, in collaboration across multiple organizations—in a governance agnostic manner, all while pipelining concurrent upgrades.

New Release: 2.0.2 adds further support for Sapling in the zcashd wallet RPC and mitigates an issue identified by an external auditor.

Share your perspective! Zcash is seeking members of the community willing to be interviewed about why financial privacy matters to them for an upcoming blog series. If you are willing to be interviewed (on the record or anonymously) please reach out to Elise Hamdon via Twitter or Wire @EliseHamdon.


Zooko Wilcox presented, “Private transactions on top of decentralized blockchains” at LABitConf; the conference organizers tweeted a photo of him on stage.

Founding scientist and Foundation board member, Ian Miers presented, “Satoshi Has No Clothes: Failures in On-Chain Privacy” at DevCon4. He outlined three plausible attacks on existing decoy-based schemes.

Join us for the AMA today at noon PST!


In a Forum post this week, Zooko encouraged donations for https://AirdropVenezuela.org.

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