Zcash Developers Update 1-4-19

Zcash Developers Update 1-4-19

By Paige Peterson

This is our fortnightly engineering update; we didn’t post a community and communications update last week due to the holiday so we’re adding those details into this week’s update. Next week we’ll have our regularly scheduled Community + Comms update. We wrapped up 2018 with some reflections on the year as part of our last engineering update: December 21, 2018 – Weekly Update (Engineering + 2018 reflections)

That said, most of us were on holiday during this last engineering sprint so there’s not much to update on that front! The links for each team below go to their respective github projects where issue organization and tracking happens. I suggest poking around those for the most up-to-date progress.

Zcashd Team

This team focuses on development of the zcashd client and Zcash protocol. Follow along with team discussions in the Community Chat #zcashd-team channel.

The upcoming sprint will have a heavy focus on the Blossom network upgrade specification needs. Check out the Blossom goal label for more information on associated issues. Issues targeting the next release can be found in the 2.0.3 milestone.

Development Infrastructure Team

The Development Infrastructure team ensures developers have the tools and infrastructure they need. Join this team in the #dev-infrastructure chat channel.

Ecosystem Team

For the time being this team handles business development in the phases after initial contact by providing technical insight and support.

Documentation Team

This team drives the curation and assists in the creation of documentation. Follow along in the #documentation chat channel. Check out the official Zcash documentation.

Reference Wallet Team

This teams current charter is to build a Zcash reference wallet. Deliverables will be a series of MVPs where Android is the first target platform.


NOTE: Due to the holidays we set the next release (2.0.3) date targeting Feb 11 with a release candidate target of Feb 4. EOL for 2.0.2 is ~March 11.

From the blog

Before the holidays, we elaborated on some of the details regarding Sapling’s improved proving time for shielded addresses in Reduced Shielded Proving Time in Sapling.

We also shared the first of a short series on Zcash marketing efforts in 2018 Zcash Marketing: Year in Review. We posted the second installment this morning titled Quarterly Update: Perspective on the Market Evolution. The last of this series is planned to go out next week so stay tuned!


Next week, Zooko is keynoting at Real World Crypto Symposium and some Zcash engineers (and scientists) will be in attendance throughout the event.


Happy (belated) Birthday to Bitcoin! Zcash wouldn’t be here without Satoshi’s world changing invention. Here’s a few words from Zooko on the matter: https://twitter.com/zooko/status/1080919101483016192

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