Zcash Developers Update 3-27-2020

Zcash Developers Update 3-27-2020

It’s been a busy and productive week at ECC. Here are the latest updates from the team:

Community Shout Outs – This section celebrates the contributions to Zcash made by folks outside of ECC and Foundation. Ping me if you have suggestions for next week.

Dev Infra team

  • Entering final stages of download.z.cash migration (verified Falco implementation/alerts).
  • Continuing work on Zmetrics project to support data analysis Docker image for Zcash.

Core team

  • Integrated Librustzcash into zcash/zcash repository
  • Posted Security Properties of Sapling Viewing Keys (ZIP 310), and merged viewing key support
  • Pulled in several good Community PRs from @oxarbitrage
  • Finished decryption APIs for wallet team (memo support)
  • Dev fund consensus ZIPs are in review (zcash/zips#332)

Wallet team

  • Android SDK and zECC app have upgrades that now: 1) support inbound memos and 2) detect outbound transactions on restore.
  • Documentation for light client support live on read the docs.

This week in privacy, the talk on the forums centered around contact-tracing and COVID related privacy concerns. Amnesty USA wrote a letter to congress advocating for privacy protections while Israeli courts ruled that the government can track citizen cell phones in the name of public health.

In crypto news, @mikerah shared some thoughts about validator privacy in the Ethereum Research forum. In addition to the Zeal call next week, you can get your zero-knowledge fix by signing up for ZK Summit. All the content is free and streamed online. Our friends at Least Authority posted a Gitcoin Grant for an educational SNARK how-to guide.

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