Zcash Developers Update 11-6-2020

Zcash Developers Update 11-6-2020

Less than two weeks until Canopy activation! Here are the updates from this week:

  • Daira Hopwood explains Canopy features, including the new dev fund, a step toward Sprout deprecation and more. 15 days to activation (and halvening).
  • Kevin Owocki explains how to post and fund a Zcash Gitcoin Grant.
  • Celo discusses Zcash in their governance call today regarding CGP-15, a draft proposal to add Zcash (ZEC) to the Celo Reserve
  • Waves Exchange has added shielded support, you can now send to a shielded Zcash address on the exchange.
  • “We were able to provide the DFS with comfort around our layered approach to controls — the key word being here ‘layered.’ Once again, no single silver bullet.” Throwback to 10/13 when Yusuf Hussain, head of risk Gemini discussed shielded Zcash support along with Maria Filipakis, Dana Syracuse, and ECC’s Jack Gavigan
  • Zcash got a shout out from Swapzone.
  • ICYMI – Zeal call video is up on Youtube.

Mark your calendars,

  • 11/18 – Canopy Activation 

Community Shout Outs – Special shoutout to @rex4539, not only is he one of our most active community contributors, he’s also very active in support channels and does a great job. We are grateful for your contributions! Shout out to the creative geniuses at Adjy, they received two MarCom awards for their work with ECC: Platinum Award for our “How to buy something with Zcash” and their “Privacy is” poster series.


  • Completed v4.1.0-rc1 and v4.1.0 release and testing
  • Completed Travis CI full build and test suite for macOS
  • Completed Canopy metric dashboard


  • Release 4.1.0 is out!
  • Continued Clang and C++ 17 cleanup.
  • Updated ZIP 214 to reflect the Bootstrap Project’s ownership of ECC. ZIP 207 and ZIP 1014 are next.
  • Released a new version (2020.1.15) of the Zcash specification

Canopy Activation Updates

  • Release 3.1.0 EOS halts approximately 8 hours prior to activation.
  • Release 4.1.0 is available, now there are two releases in the field supporting Canopy.
  • Ecosystem outreach is underway (shout out to Andre for leading the charge!)
    • Over 80% of mining hashpower already confirmed upgraded
    • Gemini, Coinbase, Kraken, Binance and other exchanges have confirmed upgrade
    • Several wallet vendors including ZecWallet, NightHawk, Ledger, Trezor, Exodus, and Trust Wallet (in progress) have confirmed
  • Check the Canopy Upgrade page  for the latest information


  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Ecosystem wallet outreach
  • PIR PoC work begun
  • CI sync begun


  • light client working group moving forward two key issues: fee ZIP , anchor offset selection
  • lightwalletd updated with checkpoint service (saves about 4 man-hours each release) and latest zcashd
  • Canopy Activation integration testing
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